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Terms and Conditions


This is an agreement between you (“your”) and clarifY DNA (“we”, “us”, “our”, “this website”, “this service”).


You are strongly encouraged to read this website’s Privacy Policy. By accepting this agreement, you additionally acknowledge and accept this website’s Privacy Policy even if, contrary to our advice, you have not read the terms of that policy.

If the Y-DNA results being analysed are not your own, you agree that you will obtain documented permission from the Y-DNA test subject, prior to uploading their Y-DNA results to this website or otherwise sharing the Y-DNA results with us or others. If you fail to do this, you accept complete responsibility for any consequences stemming from your failure to obtain permission.

You acknowledge that your clarifY DNA reports based on "next-generation" sequencing results will mention genetic markers which are limited in scope to the test subject’s immediate patrilineal relatives, and could be used to genetically identify them.

Further to the above condition, you accept sole responsibility for how you share the privacy-sensitive reports prepared by this service. If your actions result in this data being misused, you agree to release clarifY DNA from all resultant liabilities.

Use of Service

Reports and analyses produced by this service may not be used for commercial purposes without permission from clarifY DNA.

When reporting findings aided by our analysis, you will appropriately credit clarifY DNA.


When contacting people in your clarifY kit’s genetic neighbourhood, you will not misrepresent yourself or use the contact mechanism to send messages which are offensive, illegal or harassing.

The ancestral information you provide for a kit must be appropriate and to the best of your knowledge truthful.

You will not use clarifY DNA analysis to advance a political, social or cultural agenda.

You will not abuse this service. You will not attempt to hack, circumvent or otherwise undermine the security and design of this website.

In the event of misconduct including but not limited to the above violations, clarifY DNA reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account.

The Y-DNA data you submit for analysis must be unaltered – the same data and format which you received from the testing company.

Scope of Service

Payments are processed through PayPal. If your payment is rejected, we will withhold your access to our analysis of your data.

You recognise the following:

  • This analysis is limited to your kit(s) patriline(s) – an important part of one’s ancestry and identity, but nevertheless only a small part of one’s overall ancestry and genetic makeup.
  • The reports prepared by this service will only show your kit’s immediate genetic neighbourhood (clarifY DNA has not yet decided how to release the analysis pertaining to more basal parts of the Y-tree.)
  • While clarifY DNA will endeavour to read and consider all feedback, it is ordinarily not feasible for clarifY DNA to prepare acknowledgements or responses to all of these queries, or act on them as quickly as you would hope. Our focus will be on enhancing the algorithm and addressing general issues, rather than answering individual queries.
  • The analyses provided are in the most part carried out by a computer algorithm. You recognise that this algorithm will not be perfect. In addition to imperfections in the algorithm, the resultant analysis is also sensitive to discrepancies in the input data, and we cannot always catch and correct these. There will be frequent changes to the dataset and the analysis thereof. You agree not to hold clarifY DNA responsible for any decisions you make based on our analyses; we recommend that you consult an expert on your haplogroup/subclade prior to making purchases based on the conclusions presented in this analysis.

Our usage of Provided Information

You grant clarifY DNA the right to share or sell our aggregate analysis of your data back to the company that tested you – or its successor(s) and/or affiliates.

You grant clarifY DNA the right to name and/or report newly discovered genetic mutations thought to be common to multiple participants not closely related.

You grant clarifY DNA the right to use your data for non-medical research (after de-identifying the data and removing mutations thought to be limited in scope to your immediate family). Such research may be in collaboration with other companies, with academic researchers or with respectable hobbyists.

The above conditions include the usage of user-provided additional Y-DNA information, including secondary testing results and the analyses provided to you by other entities.

Change of Service

clarifY DNA reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Terms and Conditions. To this end, we reserve the right to contact you by email of any important changes to our policies or operations.

If ownership or management of clarifY DNA were to change as a result of a restructuring, merger, acquisition, or transfer to another company, your clarifY account and personal information may be transferred. If such a transfer results in a material change in the use of your information, you will be provided notice about your options for opting out of such a transfer.

Duration of Service

Barring exceptional circumstances, this service will continue operating until at least 31 December 2014. After that point, we reserve the right to discontinue this service.

Exclusive Jurisdiction

The courts of Ontario, Canada will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in connection with this Agreement.


If you violate any of the terms of this agreement, you release us from all resultant liabilities.

We will not be held liable for circumstances beyond our reasonable control.