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clarifY your "next-generation" Y-DNA results

Announcing clarifYDNA, a new automated Y-DNA analysis service designed to give context to your Y-DNA sequencing results.

Our mission: to help put the "Y Tree" in "Family Tree".

clarifYDNA produces Y-DNA haplotrees out of "next-generation" Y-DNA variant data. Subscribers will periodically receive personalized reports showing their position on the Y-tree relative to others in their Y-chromosomal neighbourhood. Reports are in sync with a recent version of the ISOGG haplotree, and are able to indicate which aspects of the phylogenetic structure are robust and which are more tenuous. Subscribers will have tight control over how much of their genetic and ancestral information is shared with their genetic neighbours.

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clarifYDNA is operated by Chris Morley. It is an extension of his analytical tools developed for dynamically constructing Y-trees from Genographic 2.0 data. See http://ytree.morleydna.com/experimental-phylogeny for the author's Geno-based trees, dating back to July 2013.

clarifYDNA was most recently used to analyse a collection of over 1500 BigY kits.

This service is now accepting orders! Our first offering: a personalised Y-tree report generated from your BigY VCF/BED data. Updates will be issued as more information becomes available to us. These updates will continue until at least the end of August 2016.